Multi-lingual NLP

DAMO-NLP at SemEval-2022 Task 11: A Knowledge-based System for Multilingual Named Entity Recognition

We utilize the wikipedia to improve the RaNER model, which wins the SemEval 2022 competition and obtains the **best system paper award**.

Automated Concatenation of Embeddings for Structured Prediction

This paper achieves SOTA performance over 24 datasets of 6 tasks, spanning over NER, POS, chunking, dependency parsing, semantic parsing, aspect extraction, following the **More Embeddings, Better Sequence Labelers** paper.

Multi-View Cross-Lingual Structured Prediction with Minimum Supervision

One of my favorite work on the cross-lingual structured prediction task. The idea is super intuitive.

Structure-Level Knowledge Distillation For Multilingual Sequence Labeling

One model for multiple languages.